The Corona Crisis

It has gripped the world. We are looking for a way out, as smoothly as possible. We wonder, what is happening? Is this an attack against the church? Against God? Against our liberties? Who is behind this? I think it’s quite obvious who is behind this. We can safely say that Satan is behind every curse on earth as he lures people into sin and thereby contaminates the souls of man and they fall into deep depravity.  He came to kill, steal  and destroy and this is just another example.

But in all of this there is a more important question. What is God saying about all this? He wants to say something. He is speaking all the time but do we hear what He is saying?

In my time with the Lord I noticed that He is speaking about this corona crisis and I like to share these words with you. Maybe you recognize it, maybe not, but as you read it, prayerfully consider these words. I also want to encourage with it. Let it strenghten you and challenge you to see things in a different way. He is speaking today friends.

He said to me: “I am arresting the attention of the world”. What I make up out of this word is that God is wanting the attention of the world for the reason of saving them through the power of Jesus’ cross. Many are facing difficult and sometimes impossible situations that only God can save them from. It is so needful that the church prays for them now and shares the Word with them. That was another word He gave to me. We, the believers, must share the Word with the world so they receive knowlegde on how to get saved and why. How can they know unless someone tells them? So pray but also talk to your neighbour, your collegue, your co-worker , through social media etc. and share the gospel with them, especially those who are facing a severe trial. This is a challenge but let’s love them and give to them what we have freely received.

He also said: “And this little inconvenience that I (but you also) experience is for a much greater purpose”. “Know that”.

And then He made clear that He (the Father) will stop this corona virus in His time, whenever He wants to end it. Not even the enemy can do anything against it. That was really comforting to me because not Satan is in charge but God!! He will end it, I believe, when it has served it’s purpose to awaken (especially) the unbeliever and make them aware that there is a loving God who desires them in His Kingdom!

God is using this crisis to turn the world to Him! Isn’t that wonderful? He is a good God and He does good (Psalm 119:68). But stay close to Him in these times and share the Word and He will use you to accomplish His purposes in the earth!