Dear people,

Thank you for visiting this website and reading our material. The Lord sometimes puts things on my heart to pray for during the time I have with Him in the morning. It’s important to pray, all of us will agree with it, but many times we are distracted from it. But prayer will empower us for the day ahead, the Lord is able to make a smooth path for you (or shall I say, as smooth as possible) and we enter into our day with joy and energy.

Some months ago the Lord asked me to ask Him to do a work among the well-known and less well-known contemporary pop-music singers in our country. He said He wants to save them and not have to judge them. I was humbled by Jesus’ question and His posture and it touched me deeply. It also surprised me somewhat. But I said, yes Lord, please do a work of salvation and healing amongst them. I would love to see them saved and spirit-filled and that they would sing songs about You and declare their love for You! Look what happened to Kanye West. God can turn lives around and Kanye West is a prime example. But Jesus, do it also in this nation for people like Marco Borsato, Jan Smit, Guus Meeuwis, Frans Bauer, Maan, and many others. They need you Jesus!

Do you want to pray for them also? Ask the Lord to save and restore them and be led to pray even more specifically for them. Maybe the Lord shows you something specific but always have the wisdom then to be discrete about what you receive. Never expose something that the Lord did not tell you to expose. We want to love them into the Kingdom and to pray for them is one way to do it. Are you with me? Thank you. And above all, thank Jesus who is so merciful towards all of us. Have a wonderful week!