Dear heavenly Father!

You are mighty in all the earth. You are working to turn nations for your glory. We thank You for answering our prayers as we see a hunger level for You rise in a good number of people. You are working! We worship and praise You all the days of our lives as we are transformed by your hand. Let us see your glory, I ask. When we do and look through your eyes, nothing is impossible and our troubles fade to the background and disappear.

You are working mightily in nations like Saudi Arabia and Libya. You will turn these nations upside down for your glory Father God. You want them to become oasis in the Spirit, so to speak. We pray for these. Show yourself to those in these nations who are on a road to destruction. Even to those who blaspheme You. You love them. Have mercy and show them the better way.

But You are also awakening Europe! Sadly, many people in Europe have lost the vision of the cross and live what we would call ‘comfortable lives’. But how long will You endure this Father God? Your word says that those who find their life will lose it and those who lose their life for your sake, will find it. Help us Lord, to surrender. Help us to lay down our lives for your sake. We will win it, if we don’t give up. That’s your promise. Convict and convince Holy Spirit. That we indeed cannot live for ourselves and think everything is going to be okay. You are moving in Germany, France, Belgium and every other nation to awaken and to stir. That we might be soulwinners and healing agents and bring forth your Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Do it also in this city, the city of The Hague. We call for more laborers. Send them, in your mighty Name Jesus!

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.  Matthew 10:39