We’re getting a building

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We’re getting a building

For seven years, we’ve had the dream to have our own place in the center of The Hague, where prayer and worship is possible, day and night. We believe that the time has come to rent our own location. A great opportunity for this has arrived.

Our location is at the Korte Vleerstraat 230, in The Hague. This is an ideal spot for JHOP to keep growing. The location is about 60 square meters. We are in our own wing so we don’t have neighbours, we have our own entrance and our very own parking spots. The location is very close to the Binnenhof, and we have a great view from our building of the city skyline.

Rent and all expenses together makes up an estimate of €1500,00 euros per month. At this moment we’re still up for a challenge of €1085,- that we still need to cover. Next to the monthly costs, there is also the challenge of the one-time only costs. We’re talking about a beamer, sound system, coffee maker and curtains, for example. We will need about €3335,- euros for this.

A few people have said to commit to financially investing in our building and that they want to invest in our mission too, but we’re not there yet. That is why we are sending you this brochure so that you can pray about investing in us monthly. It’s also possible that God wants you to invest in our building or in the other things He wants to do. With a one-time gift or material things we are very happy as well.

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JHOP is een interkerkelijke groep mensen die verlangt naar dag en nacht aanbidding en voorbede voor en vanuit Den Haag. Aanbidding: Omdat God het waard is om te aanbidden. Voorbede: om dat onze stad het nodig heeft. Lees meer

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