For marriages 19-02-2021

O Lord, today we want to pray for marriages.

We intercede for couples who have pledged to be loyal and faithful in Your name but have gone apart. We ask for a restoration of commitment to love and to respect each other, restoration of communication channels, and a restoration of trust. Renew the desire for intimacy, restore commitment of family responsibility and we pray for healing of wounds on both sides. We smash the strongholds of self, bitterness, and unforgiveness that have caused disappointment in these relationships. Father, remind them of their First Love and remind them of their encounters and love for each other throughout these years. Place them like a seal over each other’s heart, like a seal on each other’s arm (SS 8:6). Lead their eyes to be fixed on Jesus, help them to see the good in each other, outdo each other in honor and serve each other humbly just like how Jesus did for us.

In Jesus’s name, we thank You for these testimonies in making. Amen.