For our city 18-02-2021

God Almighty, we commit The Hague once more into Your hands. Remember The Hague!

We remind You of Your compassion that You had with Nineveh, a city with 120,000 population and with lots of animals. The Hague has a larger population. We remind You that You did not want Nineveh to perish, so we understand that Your heart also does not want The Hague to perish. Lord Jesus, prepare the soils of the hearts of the people of The Hague, let it be a ground of good soil. When the word about the kingdom of God is preached, let the one who hears the word understand it; let crops be produced! Prepare “Lydia” in this city, worshippers of God whose hearts are open and will respond to Paul’s message (Act 16:14). Lord Jesus, stir up the hunger for the good news, stir up the questions of life, stir up the desires in people to want to connect to You. And prepare Your “Paul”s, spread them around all four corners of The Hague, and let the feet that carry the gospel of peace run with enthusiasm, passion, and with the power of the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’s name, amen.