For the “Esther” 23-02-2021

Lord Jesus, You are our Mighty God!

Once again, we commit our king, national, province, and city leadership into Your hands. Have mercy on The Netherlands! We thank You for the upcoming election. All the preparation and execution shall be covered under Your wings, Lord.

In this transition period, we also intercede for the “Esther” to rise up. We thank You that You have positioned people with boldness and courage like “Esther” in the appropriate leadership positions now and in the future. We thank You for the grace and favor they carry into their roles. We thank You for the hearts that they have for the people under their authority, responsibility, and care.  May You continue to meet them in their prayer and fasting. May You direct their steps and approve of their plans. Open their eyes to recognize the moment that they need to rise up to the turning points that You have placed in their journey.

We declare that those turning points are U-turns that this nation will make to align to God’s standard of righteousness and justice.

We declare that those turning points that the “Esther”s engages in are avalanches that break the enemy’s strongholds.

We seal those U-turns by the blood of Jesus and we proclaim victory over those turning points.

In Jesus’s wonderful name we pray, amen