For the heavy laden 24-02-2021

O Jesus,

We lift up those who labour and are heavily laden into Your loving hands.

We pray that they will receive You as the Prince of peace and the one who will give them rest into their hearts. We ask that You will turn their faces and their focus away from all the strivings and toiling in lives. Instead, they shall go to You in your open arms. They have a savior and a shepherd who is gentle and lowly in heart. Jesus is willing to teach them and have his yoke upon them. His yoke is not heavy and not legalistic. His yoke is light and life-giving.

We release a spirit of rest to those who need restoration. Strengthen them and refresh them, Lord. We pray that they will find rest for their souls in Jesus. Lord, open their hearts to receive You, amen.

(A prayer based on Matt 11:28-29)