For the hopeless 05-02-2021

Father God,

We thank You that You are faithful. We thank You that Jesus is our appointed shepherd. We want to cover those who are hopeless right now into Your hands especially in this current situation. We speak to their mind right now, Jesus’s shepherd’s rod and staff protects and even if you are going through the deepest darkness, you shall not be afraid, because Lord Jesus is with you. He will give you new strength, he will guide you in the right paths as he has promised (Ps 23:3-4). Holy Spirit, we ask that You will come alongside those who are hopeless. Where their eyes cannot see a way out, You will break the cloud of heaviness around them to show them a way out. Direct their eyes to be fixed on a loving God. Breakthrough their false idea about You Lord Jesus, and show them that with You there is life and life abundantly. Direct their hope to You, Jesus, because many other things are built on moving sands, and only You, our feet are on solid rock.

In Jesus’s name, our living hope, we pray, amen.