For the “Joseph” 16-02-2021

O Lord Jesus,

We thank You for the leaders of this country, we are grateful for them.

As this nation transitions into a new governmental era, we want to first cover the election committee, all organizers and volunteers involved, all resources, planning, administration, and execution pertaining to the national election in prayer; We also want to commit the future leaders of the cabinet and government into Your hands. 

Lord, we call forth the “Joseph”s to be located at the right place, at the right time, and hold the right position. We pray for “Joseph” administrative insights and anointing over those who are making the election happen. We also ask for those who carry “Joseph”’s gifts and talents, personality, and leadership skills to shine their light bright in key areas of this nation, to be the right-hand person to their leaders, to speak God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in their spheres of influence. Lord Jesus, we declare and decree that the “Joseph”s of this generation shall rise up so they will fulfill their God’s given purpose for their generation. We declare that the “Joseph”s will be safely protected under the Lord’s shelter and they will release strategies from heaven with integrity and excellencies into key areas at all leadership levels in this country.

In Jesus mighty name, we declare. Amen.