Gebedpunt/Prayer 01-02-2021

for the working parents & children

Abba Father,

We cover the working parents and homeschooling children in prayer today. We pray that they will take comfort that they can spend more time with their children. Father God, we ask that You give them the gift of enjoying their children’s presence because we know how fast they grow up! Father, help the adults and the children to look past the screens and cramped spaces but look into each other’s hearts, the love and joy that have been always there. We pray that the family units of this country will continue to stand strong and will not fall under immense pressure and stress. Protect them from mental health issues and help them to be grateful and focus on the goodness that can come out of this current situation. May they enjoy the sunshine when the sun is out, and sing songs when the grey clouds come knowing that weather changes all the time, but their love and bond for each other never wavered. Blessed is the one who endures trials (Jm 1:12a). We ask for endurance from inside out.

In Jesus’s name, amen.