For teachers 02-02-2021

The Lord Almighty,

We come before You to cover our teachers into Your hands. We thank You once again, for blessing teachers with hearts to want to educate and inspire the next generations of this country. They have been working tirelessly to support and encourage our children in this season. We pray for them, especially those who are being challenged by the lack of contact with the children, isolated in their house or fearful of the unknown. We pray Ps 18:28-29 over them that Lord, You will give them light and You will dispel their darkness. You will give them strength and power to attack and overcome their enemies’ defences. Jesus, stir up in them to call upon Your name when they are falling and catch them with Your mighty arms. Put their feet on a straight path, and lead them down the road to peace and joy. Strengthen their hearts and help them to endure this season.

In Jesus’s name, amen