Gebedpunt/Prayer 04-01-2021

O Lord Jesus,

We thank You for all who work in the education field. We honor the work that they are doing and we thank You for the passions and enthusiasm that they continue to have through this period. Until now, they have demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination in working with the next generations. Praise You because You have put and will put the right people with the right skills and with the right heart into the education field of this country. We ask that in this new school year, they will continue to rise above challenges; the children will be focused and work together with their teachers to learn and to grow, and the parents will give and receive as much support as needed to make online learning fruitful. We bless the school administrators to continue to achieve breakthroughs no matter what comes. Father, we also ask that children who struggle during this period will gain the support required to move forward. Protect children who are in abusive environments and make a way for them. Wake Your people up, Lord, to extend helping arms to reach out to families who need support and encouragement during this time. Help us to undergird our daily lives with gratitude and thanksgiving.

In Jesus’s name, amen.