For leaders 04-02-2021

Dear heavenly Father,

We pray for our government and leaders once again. We bless our government and leaders of this country, we bless the leaders and government servants. We speak life over them. Father, breathe your life-giving breath over them. Where feet are wobbly and arms are tired, may You pull them out of the mud and support them. Where the hearts are exhausted and mind wandered, may You give them rest and time to recharge. Where burdens are heavy and shoulders are weak, may You lift up those burdens and carry it for them. May they open their mouths and ask for wisdom because You are the Alpha and the Omega. May You stretch out Your hands and cover them in Your lovingkindness. Jesus, may You continue to be enthroned upon this country and align this country to Your plan for Your plan is good.

In the name of our Everlasting king, we pray, amen.