Gebedpunt/Prayer 06-01-2021

O Lord,

Refresh the souls and strengthen the hands of our front liners. We lay a blanket of coverage above all medical professionals, law enforcers, emergency response teams who are working day in day out. Bless them, Father Lord, with wisdom, peace, and strength. Protect them from extreme exhaustion, refresh them when they get to sleep and give them full rest no matter how short those periods. Give them breaks needed to recharge. We pray for medical professionals who are infected with Covid-19 when they serve their fellow countrymen. We command speedy recovery and Your healing power to come through in those bodies. We also cover their families in your hands and bind their hearts together. May the lost families times be restored and enable them to increase their appreciation for each other when they unite. Sustain them and let them enjoy their work with full satisfaction. We know, O Lord, that Your eyes are wide open looking at each person’s work. Rewards the work of their hands accordingly.

In Jesus’s name, we pray, amen.