Gebedpunt/Prayer 08-01-2021

Father God,

We approach Your throne of grace and we expose our wounds in front of Your altar. We want to cut away from all the emotional pain and baggage that we have been hanging on to, dragging it everywhere we go, hurting people around us, O Lord, we surrender it to You. In whatever area in our hearts that we still want to win and be right, Lord, help us to drop those selfish desires. Those wounds that are still festering with resentment, rejection, and bitterness, we want it to be cleansed with Your words and Your blood. O Lord, help us to process emotional baggage and heal us from the inside out. You desire truth in our inner parts and you teach us wisdom in the inmost place (Ps 51:6). Lead us to a place of authenticity and honesty with You God. Help us to forgive others their trespasses so that our heavenly Father will also forgive us. (Mat 6:14). Set us free from the bondage of unforgiveness.

In Jesus’s name, our mighty Redeemer, we pray, amen.