Gebedpunt/Prayer, 14-01-2021

O heavenly Father,

We take spiritual ownership over the city of The Hague. As people of God, we declare peace be within your walls and security within your towers (Ps 122:7). We thank You for this international city that upholds peace and justice. We declare peace and justice from El-Elyon, God Most High unto you, The Hague. We ask for alignment: peace and justice in the city will be of the standard from our God Most High. Righteous are You, O Lord, and upright are Your judgments (Ps 119:137). Let that be the fruit of The Hague as well. We speak shalom over the walls and the towers of the city! We speak life over the air and the atmosphere above The Hague! We say holiness and righteousness over the four corners of the city! Be blessed, the city and the residents of The Hague.

In the mighty name of Jesus, our Prince of Peace, the name above all names we pray, amen.