Gebedpunt/Prayer 15-01-2021

O Lord Jesus,

We thank You for being so good, for always being so loving and kind. We ask those who have been redeemed by the Lord, speak out! Open your mouths and tell the people around you how our mighty God has saved you from your enemies! Who were your enemies? Those who have oppressed you! You, who were once homeless and have wandered in dry seasons or at dry places, hungry, thirsty and faint; You, who were once who do not know Jesus, and have gone everywhere looking for food and water — You opened your mouth and cried “Lord, help!” and He did. Praise God for your humble hearts to be willing to cry out to the Lord God Almighty, the one who sees the hearts of people! Our God responded by leading you straight to safety and a place to live. Oh, the redeemed of the Lord, praise Him for His loving-kindness and for all His wonderful deeds because He satisfies the thirsty souls and fills the hungry souls with what is good.

Our loving Father, we thank You for being merciful to those who open their mouth and cry out for help, and cry out for You! Let this now be the cry of those who are now hungry, thirsty, and faint. Let them sincerely cry out from the bottom of their heart saying “Lord, help!”. Position Your redeemed people to respond to those cries! We pray for a turnaround, a U-turn of hardened hearts to softened hearts, let Your redeemed people lead by example, and show the unredeemed a journey back to Your kingdom. 

In Jesus’s name, amen.

(A prayer based on Ps 107:1-9)