Gebedpunt/Prayer 21-01-2021

Dear God, the Lord of All,

We thank You that You have positioned Your people in the city of The Hague. We ask that You will turn the hearts of Your people to work for the good of the cities where You have sent us in. We ask that Your people will take up their spiritual responsibility and be the priests who cover this city in intercession. Teach us to pray to You on its behalf because if our city is prosperous, we will be prosperous too. (Jer 29:7). Father God, we continue to ask that You gather Your people. Network Your people for unity and for strength so that we can pray in one accord, for the prosperity and the welfare of The Hague. We bless the city of The Hague, in Jesus’s name. May You continue to grow to be good, to uphold justice, and to proclaim peace to the nations. Let the city of The Hague glorify the Lord of All.

In Jesus’s name, amen.