Gebedpunt/Prayer 25-01-2021

Lord Jesus, we praise Your name.

Your rule is eternal and you are king forever. Who else can we look to when everything around us is shaking? Only You Lord, You are faithful to your promises and you are merciful in all your acts. O Lord, we cover entrepreneurs and business owners in prayer now. We recognized that it is a difficult period for those who employ and those who work and also those who lost their jobs. But we know Lord, your rainbows are real and your promises are true. You help those who are in trouble and you lift those who have fallen. And we look hopefully to you and you give food when we need it. You give enough and satisfy the needs of all. So, Father, we commit the needs of these people into Your hands, that You will be their provider, even though some of them do not know You. We thank You for the resilience and endurance that You are molding in them right now for they will come out stronger, higher to a new playing field in their businesses. May You lead them to new ground and new ways of running their businesses. May You give them the much needed strength to pick up the shattered pieces and move on in life. May You give them hope to stand and be strong for the future.

In Jesus’s mighty name we pray, amen.

 (A prayer based on Ps 145:13-16)