For our country 27-01-2021

O Lord Jesus,

We lay the Netherlands at Your altar. We ask that You extend Your mighty arms and strengthen the foundation of righteousness and justice of this land. Where it has swayed and has succumbed to deceptions and opportunistic behaviour, we stand to pull down those strongholds in the name of Jesus. We uphold a country that is strong in moral integrity, a country that protects the vulnerable, and a country that engages in generosity and humility to serve our fellow people in love. We rebuke the spirit of fear, division, polarization and self-centeredness in Jesus’s name. And Lord, we ask that You will shine Your illuminating light in dark areas and shut the mouth of the enemy who wants to bring destruction. We pray for an extension of love and hands to reach out to voices who are hurting. We thank You Lord that You are for us and not against us. We ask that You continue to be our shield and our sun over this nation.

In Jesus’s name, amen.