For our city 28-01-2021

O God, the Creator of heavens and the earth,

We come before Your throne of grace and commit our city The Hague into Your hands. The city that bears the name of peace and justice. We acknowledge that You Lord, is the true judge, and we acknowledge that Jesus who carries the name Prince of Peace is the true peace. No human effort can achieve Your standard of justice and peace. So Father, as this city bears this name, we pray that You will extend Your right hand and uphold this city as what You have created it to be. We invite You to be the foundation, and the architect and builder of this international city (Heb 11:10). Rebuild what is needed, restore what is necessary, and remove what is damaging. Align this city to be righteous, holy, and beautiful in Your sight. Cover this city with Your glory and may You continue to be the wall of fire surrounding it. We commit The Hague into Your hands for protection.

In Jesus’s name, amen.