For the lonely ones 30-01-2021

Oh Abba Father,

You are our wonderful Father, You are our caretaker. You are our light and our salvation. You are our refuge and strong tower. There is nowhere on this earth that we can receive such indescribable love and in such depth of care for us. With that in mind, we want to extend our prayer to people who are lonely, people who do not have anyone else around them or people who crave for face-to-face contact but cannot have it. We thank You Lord, for technological gadgets and breakthroughs in friendly robots where awesome opportunities for communication have opened up. However no matter how advanced the technology has become, the sweetness of face-to-face contact is difficult to be replaced. We ask that Holy Spirit, You will usher in a renewal affection for this group of people to You Lord. Let them see You, Jesus, face-to-face. Let them draw from Your living water which brings life. We pray, from the depth of their heart that they will experience this promise of Yours in Ps 27:10 “My Father and mother may abandon me, but the Lord will take care of me”. O Jesus, gather them to Your bosom and let them experience that immense love that You have for them, let them encounter this promise face-to-face.

In the name of our sweet Jesus we pray, amen.