New Life, New Song, New Freedom, New Love! Sep 9, 2019

Lord, when we are born again, we have a new life. The old is gone, the new has come, and we can experience the wonder of our new life every single day. Thank you Lord!

Lord, in Psalm 87, you remind us to sing a new song. You make it possible for this to happen, and we need never be bored with the song. Thank you Lord!

Lord, when we read Romans 6, we understand that we have new freedom. Freedom from sin and freedom to be righteous! Thank you Lord!

Lord, in Hosea 1 you show us something of your love – by getting Hosea to marry a prostitute, and show us an example of grace, show us a type of love that is quiet foreign to us. if we have not met you.

Help us to show something of this ‘newness’ as we pray for The Hague. This old city needs renewal.