Over the weather 06-02-2021

To the God who is the creator of the heavens and the earth, we praise You!

Lord Jesus, You are the Lord over the wind and waves.

We pray for protection across the nation. For the vehicles and transportations, air, sea and land to be covered under Your wings. We pray that people will exercise wisdom if they need to be on the road or be exposed to the uncertainty of bad weather. We pray for all the front-liners, ambulances, police, firemen, nurses, and doctors at the emergency rooms to be equipped with all resources needed to respond to emergencies. We ask that Your wall of fire surrounds the border of this nation and no plan of the enemy to bring destruction will be successful. You will give us shelter from the raging storm and You will calm it (Isa 24:4, Ps 107:29). Do not give us more than we can bear. We thank You and praise You for Your constant love, You shall bring us to safety.

In Jesus’s name, amen.