Pray this together (week of 01/04/2019) – Pray for The Hague

“then Moses stood in the entrance of the camp and said: “Whoever is on the Lord’s side – come to me!” And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him. Exodus 32:26

Lord, we have entered into a new season where Your chosen people and the people of the world have to make a decision. Are we following You or are we staying in our old way of thinking, doing the same things over again? On the latter there is little to no blessing but if we choose this day to follow You Lord, You will abundantly come with your presence and approval. Do you want this? This is what You Lord are asking.

We pray this week, Lord, that you gather and connect those who want to be on your side. Those who want to give their all to you. Those who want to lay off their complacency and reservations and fears to become all you desire them to be. If we say Yes! you will make sure you make a way for us. You will make sure provision is there. You will make sure your presence goes with us. Lord, we love that! We want that! Connect now your people in this city and make us one. Gather us, so we become that mighty army we all talk about but love to see too! Touch us, heal us and bring us in one accord and sometimes even in one place. Thank you Jesus! We offer up our life and will to you because You deserve our praise. Amen.