Pray this together (week of 18/9/18)

Father Lord,

We as Your children are standing together and once again, on this special day, to declare that You are God over the Netherlands. Jesus, You are the hope that we can rely on for her future.

  • Thank God that His hands and eyes are upon the Netherlands that she will shine brighter and stronger in the coming parliamentary year 2019.
  • Thank God for His blessings that the economic has grown steadily for the last 5 years, the unemployment rate is down to a historic low of 3.5%, there is surplus in government budget, and the Netherlands is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of liberation in 2019.
  • We ask that Lord, You bless the plans and budget that the King has announced today. We are thankful that many issues are covered and budget allocated. Issues like loneliness among the elders, growing numbers of young homeless people, increasing debts, integration issues have caught the attention of the government. We can make many plans but You are the one who direct our steps. So Father we ask that You will direct the steps of all civil servants, businesses, leaders and staff who are involved in these projects and programs, help them to make wise and long-term focused decision, to do it excellently and with full integrity.
  • O God, we thank You for our neighbours. And as a country, the Netherlands is in many different international organizations. We pray that the Netherlands will continue to carry weight in her contribution to her alliances and play her part as good brother, good neighbour and good steward of the earth.
  • We pray for the Body of Christ in The Hague to remember to pray for all people, including those who are in authority and do not forget to be the hands and feet of Jesus to show love, especially to those who are sick, poor, lonely, depressed, marginalized, the needy, the fatherless and the motherless, so that they will know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
  • Thank You God for Your mercy and grace towards the Netherlands. In Jesus’s name, amen.