Pray this together (week of 25/9/18)

Father Lord,

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. (Pro 14:34 ESV)

  • You are the Holy One. In You there is only goodness and holiness.
  • You are high above all nations, and your glory above the heavens!
  • As children of Yours, we lift up the government of The Netherlands to hold righteousness to the utmost standard. Bless the civil servants and leaders with the spirit of excellence. Bless them with good health and clear mind to execute the works of their hands.
  • We pray that the general political debate that has been going on since Prince’s Day till end of the year will be fruitful and constructive. All the debate sessions are covered in Your shadow that it will go according to Your plan and the budget will be well-spent and well-managed in this year.
  • Thank You God for Your mercy and Your grace towards the Netherlands. In Jesus’s name, amen.