Shout to the Lord – July 8, 2019

Sing for joy to the God our strength; shout aloud to the God of Jacob! – Psalm 81:1

Father God, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we dare to call out loud to you. We ask that you show us whatever hinders our walk with you, show us what blocks your answers to our prayers. If nothing hinders us, great!

It is your good pleasure to lead us in proclaiming your goodness, your sovereignty in this world, your authority in declaring what is right and true. You also refute lies and block every pretentious person that sets themselves up in defiance against you. You offer all of us the opportunity to get right with you, to understand reality. How merciful you are. You have done that for us, many millions of us.

God, we know that there are people setting policy in The Hague who desperately need to know you. We ask for opportunity to share your gospel to policy-makers and their advisors. Bring God-fearing people across their path. Warn them in a dream. Give them a sharp word from your Living Word that cuts through the noise. Thank you for the many times you have set godly people in power in The Netherlands. Please keep doing that, and remove those who try to fight against you, if they will not repent after a warning Word or a warning dream.

God, we are not silent in our prayers. We shout aloud your Lordship over The Hague! Amen