Start of Lent 17-02-2021

O Lord Jesus,

Today is the beginning of Lent! Here comes the season for us to be reminded of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord! Hallelujah to the King of the highest, Hallelujah to Lion of Judah! We praise Your name! O Lord Jesus, we come before You in filthy clothes, yet through the divine exchange at the cross, we are now clothed in robes of His righteousness, in garments of praise and garments of salvation! We are grateful Lord. Without You, none of the victories in our lives are possible. We take this opportunity to declare and decree that Christ’s resurrection power will continue to bring life into darkness, to bring good out of messiness in the lives of Your people. We choose to nail all unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, disappointment, hopelessness, and despair at the cross and we release the life-giving breath of God to resurrect those dead areas and we embrace faith, hope, and love by the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.

Let our lives glorify Your name, King Jesus. Amen.