Strongholds 24/06/19

Lord Jesus, we thank You for answered prayer this last week! You hear us and answer our petitions and You hear and answer the cry of our heart. We pray once more for a restoration of the spiritual foundations You have laid many years ago. This will be an important week as Christians from all over the world come together to pray and seek your face to bring healing and renewal to this city. Anoint us to do your will Father God. We desire to do your bidding and your plan and we humble ourselves to become mighty instruments in your hand. Yes, help us to prefer one another and seek their best as we lower ourselves. Remove our pride so we can see clearly what You want for the people. Take the sand out of our eyes and wash us from every filth that pollutes our thought-life and thereby our actions. Thank You Jesus.

Lord God, destroy strongholds over this city!! Expose and remove them as your people begin to pray and seek your face. Let the people in this city see again in the way You see them! So many are experiencing the hand of the enemy, wreaking havoc in their lives. We ask You to stop this Father God! Let there be a turn-around for everyone who desires to live a free life. To everyone who desires to know You and wants to be touched by your mighty hand. The enemy rules in so many ways but You are greater God! Let this be the time that your people take over spiritually and will cause the natural realm to agree with it. So many are tired and weak but make us strong and give us endurance in this fight of our lives. Send revival God, we pray. And with that, transformation and reformation. A new reformation we desire because it’s so needful in this hour as people seek death instead of life. Let it turn! Make it turn we pray, and demolish the strongholds that weaken, mislead and lie to us. Thank You, in Jesus name we pray, amen.