Worship God Only 15/07/19

Lord, it sounds obvious to us when you remind us to ‘Worship the Lord your God, and him only’. And yet, it seems that you have to remind us quite often! Sorry for that Lord. Throughout your people’s history, there have been constant departures from this basic requirement. Lord, we admit that we are not safe from the same error. Only by constant reminders from your word, only by prompts from your spirit, and perhaps by establishing a real dependence on you, can we hope to worship only you, and not dilute our worship with something or someone less worthy.

Today, God, we declare our love for you, and determination to worship only you. We know that you willingly and gently help those who actually trust you, deep in the secret places of the heart. We don’t trust our selves or religious rituals to build a grounded, realistic relationship with you. But we do trust you to be faithful, constant, ready to help all who trust and obey you.

In the Hague, people have worshiped many things. We say sorry on behalf of your people, for any time we have joined in false worship, by giving our time, money and energy to people or things which are false gods.

Jesus Christ is the one true Lord of heaven, earth and The Hague!